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Managed Cloud Services

If you’re seeking a cloud platform fit for mission critical applications, then look no further than VMware, the market leader in regard to virtualisation and cloud technology. Unlike traditional hosting, VMware solutions are not deployed on a single server.
Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability. VMware Cloud Server supports High Availability (HA). When one server is in trouble, other machines are immediately ready to take over the work.

Less Worries. More Freedom. Better Business.


High Availability

All virtual machines appliances are protected by VMware HA and other proactive availability features such as vMotion and Storage vMotion. VMware Cloud Servers are enterprise-grade and are built on self-healing architecture using automatic hypervisor failover to keep you online in the event of hardware failure.


Dynamic Load Balancing

VMware automatically evenly distributes the load placed on the platform across the cluster of hypervisors equally. This helps to maximise the performance of individual virtual machines without exhausting the hypervisors because resources can be drawn in from across the cloud, resulting in a highly efficient and stable setup.


Live Migration

If an issue ever occurs with a hypervisor, VMware automatically migrates virtual machines across the cloud without having to shut them down. This feature can also be invoked when hardware maintenance is performed, allowing hypervisors to be taken offline for repair without interrupting your service.


Managed Backups

Avoid data loss by sending your data off site with a seamless cloud solution. Thanks to the integration of Veeam Backup, all data is backed up daily with up to 30 restore points. An entire server or individual sites can be easily restored. Granular restores down to individual files and databases is possible.

How VMware Cloud Server Works

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