Secure Enterprise Cloud

A full-stack cloud platform that spans
public, private and hybrid environments. Build with a robust suite of
advanced data and Analytic tools, and draw on deep industry expertise to
help you on your journey to the cloud.

Why TeamCloud's Secure Enterprise Cloud?

To meet the unique needs of your business and remain competitive in today’s fast-moving environment, you may find yourself adopting infrastructure and solutions from a wide range of cloud vendors. A hybrid, multicloud world is quickly becoming the new normal. But managing your cloud-based services and data across multiple providers can feel overwhelming. With each set of cloud services coming with its own tools, you’re likely facing increased complexity and cost. New management solutions and delivery methods can help optimize performance, control costs, provide quick cloud access and secure your mix of applications, environments, and data, whether they are inside your data center or in the cloud.

Improve visibility. Ensure governance. Manage applications.
Tackle multicloud complexity

The average enterprise uses six or more clouds and hundreds of clusters, which can lead to a complex environment and present problems. Scattered workloads, security gaps and limited visibility on development teams’ output are several operational issues that have been difficult to manage collectively.
To address this growing complexity, TeamCloud has introduced the world’s first multicloud management technology – TeamCloud Multicloud Manager.

Secure your multi-cloud environment

Secure the number of multi-cloud apps and workloads grow, so does the  degree of IT integration. This means more potential connection points of security risk and failure.
Your best option to secure your multi-cloud IT is a software-defined approach to business continuity and resiliency. This presents several benefits:

  • Visibility with automation and orchestration:By
    linking automation and orchestration in a central dashboard, you can
    gain visibility, manage resiliency and vastly reduce recovery time
  • Proactive management with insights:Integrating diagnostic, predictive and key threat data will allow you to make better proactive decisions.
  • A single view:Use a single interface and set of tools to control all replication and recovery processes.
  • Flexibility:As your business and regulatory
    conditions change, so might your data protection policies. A
    software-defined approach can adapt.

Be proactive with automation

If you are concerned about a lack of resources or skills, a managed services approach can help. Managed services can take care of your environment, covering a range of cloud capabilities, freeing you to focus on innovation. Look for providers that have expertise and experience with emerging technologies as well as established relationships with leading cloud vendors. An expert provider can help you bring ideas to market more quickly in an integrated multicloud environment.
Further managing complexity, solutions with built-in automation, powered by AI and analytics, employ self-learning capabilities such as AI and machine learning. The resulting insights combine with automation to reduce false alarms and resolve actual issues often before significant performance degradation or outages occur.


Choose the best package for your business
    • Cloud Server R40


      RM175.95 / per month
      / per year

      • 2 vCPU
      • 4 GB memory
      • 120 GB storage
      • 5 Mbps dedicated lease line
      • Unmetered data transfer
      • CentOS / Ubuntu (Windows Server OS is optional)
      • 1 dedicated IP

    • Cloud Server R80


      RM345.95 / per month
      / per year

      • 4 vCPU
      • 8 GB memory
      • 240 GB storage
      • 10 Mbps dedicated lease line
      • Unmetered data transfer
      • CentOS / Ubuntu (Windows Server OS is optional)
      • 1 dedicated IP

    • Cloud Server R160


      RM655.95 / per month
      / per year

      • 8 vCPU
      • 16 GB memory
      • 500 GB storage
      • 20 Mbps dedicated lease line
      • Unmetered data transfer
      • CentOS / Ubuntu (Windows Server OS is optional)
      • 1 dedicated IP


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