Reseller Web Hosting

Start your own web hosting business!

Have you ever wanted to be the boss of your own hosting company, or to be able to sell your own web hosting to others but your main concern is that you have limited technical skills? Fear not! At TeamCloud, when you sign up for our Linux Reseller Hosting, we will back you up on technical support! All you do is to focus on marketing your business.


Reseller Web Hosting Package

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How to purchase a Business Web Hosting Package

Step 1

Login to your account.
If you do not have an account, click here to register

Step 2

Go to the navigation bar and select Services -> Order New Services.

You will see the Business Web Hosting Package, click Order Now to proceed.

You have an option to register a new domain, but if you already have domain, just click the third checkbox and input your existing domain name and click the button Use.

You may choose the Fix IP as an addon if you need the dedicated fix IP.

Check the total price and click the continue button, then click the checkout button.

Step 3

Input the relevant information.

Choose payment method and click Complete Order.

Once the payment is complete, you will receive a paid invoice and your domain name will be registered effectively.

*click here for a more detailed guide (with pictures).