Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 is a collection of apps and cloud services that you can use to become productive across a variety of devices from just about anywhere. Imagine logging in to your computer with an Office 365 account and work your files through cloud storage. Logging in through Office 365 gives you the same access to everything you’re working on regardless of device.

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Why Choose Office 365

Always Up-To-Date

With the cloud, you’ll always work with the best and latest version of Office 365 and its suite of apps.
Easy to update, you’ll never have to struggle on aging software again.

Put Office in Your Pocket

Office 365 operates within the cloud. You can save a document on your PC and continue working on it on your mobile or tablet. Your telecommuting days or business trips become more productive than ever.

Keep Your Data Safe

Hard drives crash. Laptops gets stolen or infected by virus and malware. Things happen. Storing your data on online cloud makes sure your data is safer than ever before. You can even remotely wipe data if you lose your mobile device.

Be Productive Than Ever

You get through a project much faster when your team works on the same document version. Single centralized documents on One Drive improve your data quality and put every team member on the very same page.

Easy Setup And Management

Office 365 doesn’t require an experienced IT veteran to get it going, and the installation process is easy. Failing that, Microsoft has an excellent 24/7 support network that can assist with any questions related to setup, all for free.

No More Licensing Mess

Sorting out different Office versions can be a real headache. Office 365 includes all licensing and it can be deployed company wide. Everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office, and will get upgrades at the same time.