Business technology trends are definitely moving from traditional mainframe servers and physically installed software to two newer and far more efficient methodologies – cloud computing and web-based business process management (BPM). Both technologies obviously occur through the Internet access but operate differently, and business owners often use an integrated approach of both. The basic premise is that, rather than developing software and installing it on all computers, all business processes and activities occur through access to a company website or to a private, managed, and/or public “cloud.” The point is that, with both technologies, software applications and tools are not installed permanently on any PC or laptop; rather they are present through web access and used only when necessary.

Every business activity can now occur by the design and development of a single website that includes permission-based links and apps for all mobile devices access. Web business technology solutions of this type centralize all processes and, when designed by the IT specialists at TeamCloud, allow efficient, speedy process management. Consider, for example, the web business technology needs of a medium-sized mortgage lender. Internet, intranet, extranet and public access portals must be developed. Within the organization itself, there must be access to the internet in order to determine daily trends, markets and to develop interest rates that change every 24 hours; within the company itself, a strong intranet presence allows underwriters and sales reps to communicate with one another at all times; mortgage brokers must have extranet portals in order to receive current information on rates and requirements and to submit loan document files for underwriter review. Within the company itself, there are HR functions, payment and account records of all mortgagees, and finance and accounting reporting requirements, as well as reports that the SEC and other federal agencies require to confirm regulatory compliance. Public access portals provide information regarding the company itself, employment opportunities, and daily rate announcements, along with methods by which potential individual customers may submit pre-approval documentation. Small business technology solutions may not be as complex as this example but are, nevertheless the means by which such a business can organize its activities and prepare for growth. Whatever the business size, TeamCloud provides the web business technology services that any company may need.

Web business technology may also involve cloud computing, either through the design of a private cloud, the use of a secure managed cloud, a public cloud, or some type of converged solution. TeamCloud can assist any business in the creation of the perfect cloud environment most appropriate for a company’s needs. The beauty of cloud computing is that information, apps, and infrastructure can be used no matter where a user may be located.

Business technology consulting is a large and competitive business itself these days. Finding the business technology consultants, actually, may of itself be a rather daunting task. Many IT consulting services rely on open source and pre-designed packages only, and while these are somewhat useful, they will probably not meet all of the unique needs of a specific enterprise. TeamCloud does things a bit differently. Our web business technology consultants, with backgrounds in both private enterprise and significant IT design, can provide unique and customized solutions for any client. Contacting TeamCloud for web business technology means solutions that actually move businesses forward.