Virtualization is the industry standard for data-center and server consolidation. This software technology enables your business to do more with the computer hardware you already own, with additional benefits such as disaster recovery and reduced technology costs. When you think about doing more with less, and spending less to do it, you’re thinking about virtualization.

Talk to your technology advisors and they will tell you that you have many choices when selecting virtualization strategies for your business. Major providers including Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware offer very competitive solutions, with great strengths so choosing between them requires extensive research, experience and expertise.

Let TeamCloud help you make those decisions. We analyze and identify your business challenges and employ our extensive knowledge of all the best choices to recommend the best combination of hardware, software and services to empower you to provide your people with the personal computing power they need to drive maximum results for the company while you spend less than you’ve ever spent doing so.

TeamCloud has chosen to make the deep investments in training and certification on all of the technologies from Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware for Server, Application, and Desktop virtualization. This allows us to provide you with impartial, objective analysis of your company’s specific needs to enable intelligently supported decisions as to which to select and how to combine them. Add to that our exhaustive study of the many providers of utility software that add powerful management and functional benefits, and you have a powerful partner to ensure that your company’s virtualization strategy is achieved using the most cost effective products.