We Hear You

New communications media, the latest applications and cutting-edge devices, empower workers to communicate better. But how do we centralize these disparate technologies to improve processes? Moreover, how do we increase productivity by reducing human latency from the communications process? It’s possible with unified communications solutions from TeamCloud.

Unified communications solutions enable workers to collaborate instantly from a common platform. This simple, streamlined approach to business communications improves productivity and reduces infrastructure costs by ensuring availability regardless of a worker’s location or preferred medium.

TeamCloud partners with Cisco, Microsoft and other leading manufacturers to provide the ideal unified communications solution for your business. We’ll integrate proven communications technologies with your backend data systems to create a scalable, agile platform specific to your business needs.

Unified Communications – Benefits

Minimize delays
Provide workers with instant access to the information and people they need to move their projects forward.

Facilitate collaboration
Enable users to share applications and ideas quickly, simply and affordably for both intra and inter-company communications.

Improve business processes
Automate the flow of information and ensure efficiency with built-in processes.

Reduce costs
Eliminate unnecessary travel as well as the costs of managing multiple technologies.

Increase productivity
Provide real-time access to information and integrate applications and systems seamlessly. Ultimately, unified communications makes workers more efficient and businesses more successful.

Unified Communications- How it works

Unified communications allow users to solve problems, access data and collaborate on projects seamlessly. This is accomplished using a variety of tools such as e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, Voice over IP, business applications, and audio, video and web conferencing simultaneously.

The real-time, always-on nature of these solutions expedites sales and increases customer satisfaction. Customers who receive an instant answer or on-the-spot troubleshooting can make decisions faster and more cost-effectively – from any location, at any time.

Potential uses for unified communications are limitless. Colleagues can collaborate on projects through shared applications; branch offices can meet interactively; and mobile workers can access critical information at the touch of a button.

Our TeamCloud team will pull together the right technologies from our partners to create a unified communications solution that fits your business. Our experience and knowledge in this area makes us uniquely positioned to address your specific requirements.